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    Ap Agreement

    Thursday 3rd December 2020

    This authorized participation agreement (the “agreement”) is entered into by and between DFA Securities LLC (the “trader”) and (the “participant”) and is subject to acceptance by Citibank, N.A. (the “Transfer Agent”) and an agreement of Dimensional ETF Trust, a Delaware legal trust (the “Trust”) that offers a number of securities portfolios (one “fund” each and the accumulated “funds”) , only for sections 4 (c) and 13 (c) below. The distributor, transfer agent and participant recognize and accept that, except for Sections 4 (c) and 13 (c), the Trust is also a third party beneficiary of the agreement and receives the benefits under this Agreement, as far as it is indicated. Le distributeur a été maintenu pour fournir des services en tant qu`assureur principal de la fiducie, qui agit sur la base d`une agence dans le cadre de la vente et de la distribution d`actions d`avantages économiques, sans cette convention de participation autorisée (l`”accord ») est assurée par et entre Capital Investment Group, Inc. et ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ , LLC (le « Transfer Agent ») et est également soumis à la reconnaissance et à l`approbation du Dynamic Shares Trust (le « Trust”), a set of trusts offering a number of portfolios for which the distributor is the distributor of these series (each is a “fund” and the “funds” included in Schedule A, only for sections 4 (d) and 12c). The activated terms that are used here but are not defined are defined in the current prospectus for each fund, as they may be completed or amended from time to time and are included in the trust`s registration statement on Form S-1, as it may be amended from time to time or submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) (the current prospectus of each fund). Togeth An authorized participant is an organization that has the right to create and exchange shares of an exchange traded fund (ETF). They provide much of the liquidity in the ETF market by obtaining the underlying assets necessary to build the shares of an ETF. If ETF shares are missing on the market, authorized participants create more. Conversely, authorized participants reduce outstanding ETF shares when the PRICE of the ETF is lower than the price of the underlying shares.

    This can be done with the creation and withdrawal mechanism that adjusts the price of an ETF to its underlying net inventory value (NAV). This authorized participation agreement (“the agreement”) is entered into by and between (the “authorized participant”), the WGC USA Asset Management Company, LLC, as a sponsor (the “sponsor”) of the World Gold Trust (the “Trust”) and any series of trusts in Schedule A (a “fund” and together the “funds”) and BNY Mellon Asset Servicing, a division of the Bank of New York Mellon. , as the manager of the trust and each fund. This authorized participation agreement (this “agreement”) is concluded from the 20th day (effective date) of and between (the “participant”) and the SEI INVESTMENT DISTRIBUTION.

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