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    Bp Kwinana Enterprise Agreement

    Friday 4th December 2020

    “The agreement that expired, which began in 2014, contains a number of conditions that limit productivity, efficiency and flexibility and do not meet trade requirements,” he said. A spokesman for the multinational oil and gas company told Mandurah Mail that BP had filed an application with the Fair Work Commission to stop the operation and laboratory of the Refinery in Western Australia. … BP representatives involved in negotiations on a new enterprise agreement with BP employees were reportedly portrayed as Nazis. The video shows excerpts from the film Downfall, in which Hitler is very excited and aggressive when informed by his generals that his regime has lost World War II. [1] “BP will continue to negotiate in good faith with negotiators within the parameters of the Fair Work Act to reach an agreement that guarantees the long-term future of the Kwinana refinery and the jobs it generates. In this new version of the scene, Hitler (a BP executive) is furious at the employees who voted for the proposed enterprise agreement and the failure of the company`s trading strategy. The central question, therefore, was whether Tracey`s actions constituted a valid reason for termination. This required an evaluation of the content of the video. The Commission rejected BP`s characterization of the video, saying that BP`s management team had not been presented as Nazi. Instead, the video (for satirical purposes) compared BP`s position in enterprise bargaining to the situation the Nazi regime faced in 1945.

    The FWC member, who first heard this case, “did not accept that the marking of something like parody is a “Get out of jail free card” and necessarily means that something is not offensive.” This was a narrow approach to characterize the video, which separated it from both the employment context (enterprise bargaining litigation) and the cultural context (the widespread use of Downfall`s parody video). Even if they are viewed in isolation from its memetic context, it is obvious that the video does not compare BP`s management to Hitler or the Nazis in the sense that they claim or suggest that their behaviour or behaviour were somehow comparable in their inhumanity or criminality. What it does, for satirical reasons, is to compare the position obtained by BP in the September 2018 enterprise negotiations with the situation of Hitler and the Nazi regime in April 1945. [11] BP`s KWinana refinery followed in Alcoa`s footsteps and on Wednesday terminated an operating contract with the Australian Workers Union. Both sides engaged in tough tactics during negotiations for a new deal at the company`s Kwinana refinery. BP tried to terminate the existing agreement that would have forced employees to obtain the underlying bonus. The union and its members have taken anti-work measures. The company then received a contract from the FWC and terminated all trade union actions. This case was different in that Scott Tracey`s alleged misconduct occurred in the context of a long-running wage dispute between BP and the Australian Workers Union. BREAKING: BP has asked to terminate its contract with @AWUnion members of the Kwinana oil refinery.@BP_plc using OUR oil to make billions of dollars.

    They`re invited. BP forces AWU members to take pay cuts for a barrel of a weapon.

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