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    Nanny Share Agreement Template

    Sunday 13th December 2020

    At the end of this agreement, you will receive paid sick leave, which is described in the Sick Leave Policy. (See the benefits). The Nanny Share agreement protects you from unstable schedules or financial barriers by ensuring you have 52 weeks of active work if you have temporary leave, less leave, sick leave, leave or unpaid leave, described above in this contract. The “Nanny Share” agreement is redeveloped, terminated or amended if all parties involved (all parents or nannies) deem it necessary (see termination). Although we hoped for a nanny sharing agreement with another local family, the parents do not guarantee a nanny-sharing contract at any time. The families involved should have a debate on these details before discussing. In this way, most of these details can be discussed with your nanny during the hiring process, so that everyone can reach an agreement on these points before the first business day. In a labour agreement, these points are signed only in writing by all parties. They will not deduct the household with the child, unless it has been agreed beforehand by at least one parent. Parents regularly visit walks, visits to parks, playgrounds, libraries and other such places, but request that all venues be discussed and agreed upon prior to the visit. This is not a daily requirement, but a pre-application, especially for new or non-local sites.

    Parents may ask you to share your location if you are with the child on apps like “Find My Friends,” “Glypmse” or others. Parents will cover the cost of paid activities in which the child wishes to participate, such as music lessons, swimming lessons, gymnastics classes or others. Who does the nanny get in touch with if she is sick? Who will contact the nanny with the families about last minute calendar changes? What happens when a child is sick? Try to think as many scenarios as possible. Sorting now may seem like a lot of work, but it will save everyone the stress of having to make decisions spontaneously. The nanny sharing contract offers a rate of $X.00 per hour for your childcare of 2 children for 2 families, at a minimum of X hours per week at the nanny`s co-payment. However, both families can/will ask for more time. Any period greater than X-hours per week of a (1) family with one (1) child is paid at the rate of $X per hour (that of a single-family child rate). As with the single-family home contract, all hours worked under your weekly minimum wage are paid at the corresponding rate for the rate of 1 or 2 children. Remember, for nanny shares, each family typically pays two-thirds of the nanny`s typical hourly rate. Just make sure you pay at least the minimum wage, which is the highest of federal, national or local rates. Below is a lower quality sample of the first three pages of the nanny`s action contract: For more details on how wages, taxes and insurance work in a nanny`s share, our partner GTM Payroll Services offers free, non-binding consultations for families entering a nanny action. You can talk to a housekeeper and get answers to all your nanny`s questions.

    The share price is expected to be discounted by about 33%. This may seem obvious, but it is always good to outline how unexpected expenses are covered when they appear. Eating, special activities, shopping, etc. It is for the nanny and for both families to be on the same side. The family [last name] remains the “primary family” in each nanny`s sharing contract. If and if a nanny action can be dissolved, you will remain an esteemed employee of the “primary family” unless that agreement is reached for another reason, including, but not limited to termination, resignation or otherwise.

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