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    Outsystems Partner Agreement

    Monday 14th December 2020

    3.5. If the prospect of an accepted sales opportunity: (a) no previous agreement has been reached with OutSystems; (b) was not previously accepted by OutSystems as an accepted sales opportunity, or was referred or introduced to OutSystems by another person, institution or channel partner, or was directly hired by OutSystems; and (c) have not previously been documented as a final customer (as defined above); (d) and OutSystems finally enter into an agreement with the interested party for such an accepted opportunity, this interested party is considered a final customer for the purposes of this contract and OutSystems will be paid by the partner commission to Channel Partner, as shown below in Section 4 and in accordance with the channel`s partnership program. You must register a new sales opportunity in the partner center and have the OutSystems sales team approve sales opportunities. You must also complete distribution training and receive 1 certified sales team member. Journalists and analysts can speak directly to pr@outsystems.com On the first anniversary of the partnership, OutSystems will not renew the partnership for registered partners who have not been able to obtain sales or delivery authorization. After the first 6 months of partnership, OutSystems will check whether the pre-program requirements have been met: 2- If you have a local subsidiary or affiliate with a sales team in the new country, you should sign another partnership agreement for that country. This new agreement gives your subsidiary special requirements and benefits of the existing company. As a general rule, OutSystems waives partnership fees for subsidiaries. To submit a customer evaluation request for a project in your partner profile, you access the Customer Assessment section in the partner centre and select the project from the list. Fill out the form with the requested information – we need at least two different contacts, preferably an IT role and a business contact. The survey is not sent immediately to the client, as it must first be validated by OutSystems. – Opportunity Sourced: created by you in Partner Center – you will be informed of its progress and you will be able to see its details; Partner requirements are based on the type of authorization. New partners must register a sales opportunity accepted by OutSystems and obtain a sales certification or be removed from the program within six months of signing the partnership agreement.

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