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    United Healthcare Workers West Collective Bargaining Agreement

    Saturday 19th December 2020

    The interim agreement was reached by The Permanent Emperor and coalition negotiators on 24 September, after nearly five months of active negotiations that began in April 2019. It is now subject to ratification by members of the Coalition Union, where the vote is expected to be completed by the end of October. The interim agreement provides for annual wage increases and maintains excellent performance for workers, while creating a program to reduce the national shortage of health workers. If the agreement is ratified, Kaiser Permanente – including its members, staff and local communities – will ensure a sustainable future as the organization strives to make its quality integrated care model even more affordable and accessible in all regions. “We respect and value our people who do our mission every day,” says Arlene Peasnall, Acting Chief Human Resources Officer, Kaiser Permanent Health Plan and Hospitals. “This agreement demonstrates the compassion and skill these collaborators bring every day and shows that the Permanent Emperor and the coalition have a common commitment to the affordability of our members. This agreement will enable Kaiser Permanente to secure an excellent job for all and is consistent with our commitment to a higher affordable price for our members and customers. We are grateful for our knowledgeable and compassionate collaborators who are dedicated to our members, patients, communities and each other. UHW is headquartered in Oakland, California, and has branches in the state. UHW is an industry union that represents all classifications of health personnel in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, home health services and home workers.

    The four-year contract between Kaiser Permanente and kaiser`s Coalition of Permanent Trade Unions would include 85,000 employees; The threat of strike action has been withdrawn. If ratified, the four-year contract between Kaiser and seven unions in six states and the District of Columbia would prevent a nationwide strike that was scheduled to begin on October 14. “This agreement will allow us to rebuild the collaboration that is so important to all of us in work management to enable Kaiser to succeed over the past 20 years,” said Georgette Bradford, a SEIU-UHW member and ultrasound specialist at Kaiser in Sacramento. “It wasn`t easy to come to an agreement, there were a lot of twists and turns, but in the end, we got what we had to do, to reach an agreement that was good for patients, workers and our communities.” On March 26, 2020, SEIU-UHW announced that it had secured a stockpile of 39 million N95 masks purchased by various hospital systems and government authorities, given concerns about the lack of protective equipment for medical personnel during the coronavirus pandemic. [1] [9] [9] (The union subsequently clarified that it had no financial interest in arranging these transactions. [9]) Hospitals that did not place orders have been the target of SEIU petitions that accused them of “putting profits above the safety of health care workers and patients]. [9] [10] On April 11, it was learned that SEIU-UHW and other intermediaries had been victims of fraud and that the stock did not exist. [9] The system was discovered by FBI agents during attempts to seize the shipment for FEMA under the Defense Production Act. [9] Permanent Emperor is proud of his long history with the work. A total of 40 trade unionists, who belong to 16 international trade unions, represent more than 160,000 workers of the emperor. In recent years, Kaiser Permanente has also entered into local and national agreements with unions outside the coalition, including: California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, AFSCME, UFCW, ETC (Steelworkers), IBT (Teamsters), Emperor Permanent Registered Nurse Anesthetists, IUOE, OFNHP, ILWU and UNITE HERE.

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    Us Hong Kong Bilateral Agreement —>

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