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    Will Apple And Epic Come To An Agreement

    Monday 21st December 2020

    An Epic spokeswoman said the company was “grateful that Apple continues to be excluded from retaliation against Unreal Engine and our game development customers.” Epic will continue to grow for Apple`s platforms and “follow all paths to end Apple`s anti-competitive behavior,” she said. “Sweeney expressly acknowledged that its proposed amendments would be a direct violation of several terms of the agreements between Epic and Apple. Mr. Sweeney acknowledged that Epic could not implement its proposal unless the agreements between Epic and Apple were changed,” said Phil Schiller, an Apple Fellow and former global marketing manager, in a statement filed with the court. “Well, it was the economic models of game consoles for what? 35 years old? Some platforms are open (Windows, macOS), some are closed (game consoles, iOS) and you need an agreement with the platform owner to develop. Nothing new or particularly revolting. Epics` complaint accuses Apple of being a “giant that seeks to control markets, block competition and stifle innovation.” “When Epic took steps to allow consumers on iOS devices to make these payments directly, it violated some of the contractual restrictions imposed on Apple`s iOS developers,” the lawyers wrote. “Epic did so because these contractual restrictions are illegal. Epic decided to take a stand against Apple`s monopoly to illustrate that there could be competition issues at iOS and that consumers would welcome it and benefit from it. Epic did so without notice to Apple, because otherwise, Apple would have used its monopoly control to prevent this competition. An Apple spokesman said the company was grateful that the court “recognized that Epic`s actions were not in the best interests of its own customers and that all the problems they may have encountered were caused by themselves when they violated their agreement.” The spokesperson added that Apple`s App Store was “an economic miracle” that had created “transformative business opportunities” for developers. “We hope that Apple will reflect on its platform restrictions and begin making historic changes that will give billions of iOS consumers around the world the rights and freedoms enjoyed by the world`s largest open computing platforms like Windows and macOS,” Sweeney tweeted Friday after Apple`s hearing.

    At a hearing last month, Apple said it was ready to reintroduce Fortnite to its App Store before a trial version, in case Epic complies with its rules again. Judge Gonzalez Rogers proposed an agreement that would deposit Apple`s Fortnite fees into a trust account until after the trial. Epic objected, however, arguing that it would be a breach of a contract that it considered illegal. Epics` fight with Apple comes as the biggest technology companies are left in their power control. On Tuesday, House of Representatives lawmakers said Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google exercised and abused their monopoly power to stifle competition and harm consumers and recommended restructuring businesses. European regulators have also launched an investigation into whether Apple`s App Store rules are anti-competitive.

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