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    Yeditepe Erasmus List Of Agreements

    Tuesday 22nd December 2020

    Kastamonu University (TR KASTAMO01) Kuzeykent Kampusu 37100; Kastamonu erasmus.kastamonu.edu.tr agreement signed until: 2021 course: ICTs “Yeditepe University develops dialogue and signs education agreements with institutes around the world since 2003. Inter-institutional cooperation benefits researchers, faculty staff and students in a variety of ways. In order to participate in the various ERASMUS activities, higher education institutions must receive the Erasmus Charter 2014-2021 and sign bilateral agreements with partner institutions. The Charter defines the fundamental principles that institutions must respect, while bilateral agreements set out the specifics of each institutional cooperation. CEU has signed Erasmus partnership contracts for the 2020-2021 academic years with the following institutions: Technical University of West Pomerania, Szczece (PL SZCZECI02) al. Piastow 17 70-310 Szczeins www.erasmusplus.zut.edu.pl/eng/international-students.html agreement signed until: 2020 Course: ICTs The Limassol College (CY LIMASSO03) Pasicratous 2-4 3085 Limassol www.tlc.ac.cy/erasmus agreement signed until: 2020/2021 Course: food technology, cosmology; aesthetics and cosmetology; Dietary and non-food agreements Erasmus are cooperation agreements in the field of education that can also be signed between institutions that are not covered by the Erasmus programme. Warsaw National Defence University (PL WARSAW68) Antoniego Chruéciela “Montera” 103 00-910, Warsaw www.erasmus.aon.edu.pl convention has been signed until: 2020/2021 Course: OO NO Erasmus Convention (TO BE BE UPDATED SOON) – the list of non-Erasmus partner institutes is constantly modified to take into account schools that have a dialogue and/or agreements in progress; Different types of projects and agreements have been concluded; Growth and development foster the educational environment; Details of any non-Erasmus agreement may be given for certain faculties/departments or universities: all levels or only postgraduate studies. IONIAN UNIVERSITY (G ATHINE42) Ioannou Theotoki 72, P.O. Box 663 GR – 49100 CORFU www.ionio.gr/central/en/erasmus/ contract signed until: 2021 Course: Art Pomerania University of Slupsk (PL SLUPSK01) Bohaterow 64 76-200 S slupsk erasmus.apsl.edu.pl/en contract signed until: 1 202 1 course: ICTs University of Maribor (SI MARIBOR01) Smetanova ulica 17 2000 Maribor www.um.si/en/international/erasmus/Pages/Faculties-information.aspx agreement signed until: 2020 Courses: IcTs Erasmus agreements are drawn up between the faculty/department of a similar curriculum in each university concerned. Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University (TR ZONGULD01) Ogrenci Isleri, Binasi Kat 2 267100 Zonguldak Zonguldak erasmus.beun.edu.edu/de Accord signed until: 2020/2021 Courses: Languages and Literature Erasmus Agreement (UPDATED) – the list of Erasmus partner schools and their faculties/departments participating in the mobility exchange is constantly adapted to take into account current updates.

    Yalova University (TR YALOVA01) Yalova `niversitesi Rekt-rrl`cinarcik Yolu 3 km 77100 Yalova/Turkey erasmus.yalova.edu.tr/ agreement signed until: 2020 Course: Erasmushogeschool Brussel Computer Programming (B BRUSSEL46) Nijverheid 170 BE-1070 The Brussels www.erasmushogeschool.be/en/english Agreement signed until: 2021 Course: Applied Computer Science and Multimedia University of Istanbul Medeniyet (TR ISTANBU48) Dumlup?nar Mahallesi 34000 agreement signed erasmus.medeniyet.edu.tr in 2021 Administration and administrative engineering TECHNICAL university of KO-ICE (SK KOSICE 03) Letné 9,042 00 Koice www.tuke.sk/erasmus contract signed until: 2021 Course: Arts and Design University of the Economics in Bratislava (2021) SK BRATISL03) Dolnozemska cesta 1,852 35 Bratislava www.euba.sk/erasmus contract signed until: 2021 Yeditepe University (TR ISTANBU21) in-n Mah.Mah.

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