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    Dollar Bank Deposit Agreement

    Friday 9th April 2021

    We have the right, as your collection agent, to offer items that you deposit on paper (i.e. to transform them into electronic form) and to process items for payment and withdrawal in electronic form or in the form of replacement cheques at our discretion. You understand and accept that if we cut an item, the original item is destroyed. With respect to items that you deposit and are returned to us by the paid bank, we may (i) accept items returned electronically or as replacement cheques; (ii) items returned on paper and re-presented as electronic objects or replacement controls; and (iii) convert all returned items into a replacement review to return the item to you. If we rec. B An item cut from your account, we can convert the item into a paper replacement exam, and you can use this replacement exam as the legal equivalent of the original check to enforce your rights against the drawer and endors. You agree that you will be subject to the provisions of this Agreement and to all the rules, guarantees and compensations provided by the Single Code of Trade and other state or federal laws relating to cheques and deposited goods, regardless of the form (electronic or paper) in which the cheque or item deposited is processed for payment and withdrawal. Replacement controls are subject to the rules, guarantees and compensation provided by the Federal Reserve Board`s CC Regulation (12 C.F.R. Part 229). Please refer to the “Replacement Registration Notification” section of the agreement for information about your replacement exam rights. We are not required to credit your account with an item payable in foreign currency or pulled on a bank outside the United States until we have received the proceeds in U.S. dollars. If we credit your account with such an item before receiving the proceeds in U.S.

    dollars, the credit will be an adjusted provisional credit based on the final exchange rate and foreign exchange or foreign exchange charges. This allows you to bear the full exchange rate risk. If you do not want or are unable to wait for the necessary period, and depending on the circumstances, we may choose to refund you earlier; However, in addition to declaring the damage, you must also sign our compensation contract and you may be obliged to grant us a loan of compensation equal to the missing cheque.

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