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    Famicord Agreement

    Monday 20th September 2021

    We would like to inform you that famicord.eu website is being renovated and will not be available for the next few days. Cryo-Save informs SwissMedic and FOPH of the recent agreement with PBKM and the imminent transport of all samples from Switzerland to Poland. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@famicord.eu or call one of our hotlines: This case concerns you if you have signed a stem cell storage contract with companies such as Salveo and CrioCord, Sejtbank. – write us an e-mail to info@famicord.eu. We try to constantly respond to emails – the response time depends on the number of messages received, but usually does not exceed a few working days. The sales contract was already concluded in September 2019. However, it contained a number of conditions precedent, including the establishment of Famicord-Acibadem, the conclusion of a real estate lease agreement by the company or the obtaining of new licenses and authorizations necessary by Turkish law for umbilical cord blood banking operations. CryoSave and Myrisoph, linked to CryoSave Dubai, reached an agreement on 20 August 2019. As part of this agreement, CordSavings will become the largest European laboratory, both in terms of the number of parents involved (350,000) and the number of stem cell samples they operate (more than 600,000). Important information (especially for CryoSave AG customers who were born in 2019) from the CEO of PBKM FamiCord – famicord.eu/…/statement-of-transfer-biosckin-famico. Here is the new web address – famicordcryobank.ch/home Important information from the CEO of PBKM FamiCord – famicord.eu/contact-for-cli…/statement-pbkm-famicord We are at your disposal at any time at our e-mail address info@famicord.eu CSG-BIO can thus give the 350,000 parents concerned worldwide the possibility of safely transporting and placing their children`s stem cells in Switzerland, independent and neutral hands in the long term. The aim of this agreement is also to prevent history from repeating itself, given that all samples from Cryo-Save AG were buried in liquidation without the consent of their parents in the establishment of the Polish umbilical cord blood bank FamiCord (PBKM) in Poland.

    The company fought against this decision and maintained its activities. This decision was not in agreement with the local authorities and was the subject of legal action. – Leave your data if you visit www.famicordcryobank.ch and see a pop-up “Should you talk to our advisor?”. You will be called in the Lang. You have no choice. We call you as soon as the advisor has the opportunity to talk to you, often within 2-3 business days. “We have every reason to believe that CryoSave acted and worked with the Myrisoph agreement, in addition to the PBKM agreement, in the best interest of CryoSave`s customers and to protect their samples.” CSG-BIO SA (CSG-BIO), which intends to offer families the most advanced and comprehensive stem cell banking services in the world in the near future, took over part of the assets of CryoSave AG in 2019. . . .

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