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    Free Subcontractor Agreement Template Word

    Tuesday 21st September 2021

    Next, we will use the following three spaces to represent the customer`s official mailing address. In the following article, “III. Services provided”, the products or works which the subcontractor is to make available to the contractor for the performance of this Agreement shall be detailed. Create this information in the space before the parenthesis name “Services”. In addition to consolidating the work for which the subcontractor is engaged, we must continue to define its commitments. This is stated in the article entitled “IV. The responsibilities of the subcontractor. They must put in each box a marking corresponding to a declaration that correctly defines what the subcontractor must do to be paid by the contractor. Put a signal in the first control box if the subcontractor is to provide “work”, the second control box, if the subcontractor must provide all necessary supplies and products, the third box, if the subcontractor must provide all the “equipment” for this order, the fourth control box, when the subcontractor is responsible for all the “travel” that these responsibilities entail; and/or the last control box, if there are “other” obligations for which the subcontractor is responsible but have not been detailed above. PandaTip: This model subcontracting agreement was developed with reference to certain laws in Canada. Consult the legal questions concerning the impact of the change in the legislation in force. The contractor may or may not have insurance covering errors, errors or accidental damage suffered by a subcontractor that the subcontractor may cause.

    If the contractor has insurance, this must be mentioned here. If the contractor does not do so, the insurance clause must clarify the customer`s insurance obligations. . . .

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