Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Gremlin, but Didn't Care Enough to Ask....
A Wild and Crazy Gremlin


21st September 1970





Known Aliases:

Too many to list.

Known Affiliates:

All affiliates are known; otherwise, they'd be strangers.

Catch Phrase:

'Who's surprised.'


Never been accused of having one.


Novelist, Website designer, Artist, CEO, CG Animator, Philosopher, Prime Minister of Damnitology, Coffeedrinker of America, Other....


Writing, sketching, piano, computers, palaeontology, theology, genetic engineering, nonlinear dynamics, slaying vampires, eating foods with cheese in them....

Favourite Pastime:

Going off on rants.


Crazy French chicks.

About Gremlin

Contrary to the opinions of several hundred psychopaths, Gremlin does not look like the Fly. Much. Probably. He has longish, dark red hair and grey eyes. His whereabouts prior to 1988 are shrouded in mystery, and a large percentage of the past fifteen years are difficult to ascertain as well. His chronic migraines prohibit him from going out in the sun [which actually has nothing to do with his name]. His contempt for stoopid people incites a lot of animosity; but then, his enemies are generally too dumb to actually be dangerous. He lives with Hunter the Crazychick, Zombi the Cat, and Twitch the Iguana. He runs a company which has recently exploded into a massive, successful multinational conglomerate in no way whatsoever and which is very nearly, yet not quite, the paradigm to which all other businesses are contrasted. It hasn't actually gone anywhere. Yet. All other information is classified, and about as interesting as that silly little Roswell incident--ah, which he knows absolutely naught about. Nothing. Really. Honest.

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