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    Way Too Little, Way Too Late

    Saturday 13th September 2014

    For those who have been around for what’s oddly become a while now, you may know a little about PlusGate. For the rest of you, it’s simple enough: are staffed by bigoted morons.

    In the middle of 2011, finally noticing that social media was a thing [I took UseNet as a hint in 1979, personally], decided to start playing the game by launching—a sorta halfassed spoof of whose most impressive feature was autoplaying animgifs.

    The reaction, then, was similar to the reaction to the AppleWatch, now: a few people being totally geeked about a forthcoming technology trailing only a few years behind; most seeing it as a needless thing they hoped would never become somehow required for daily life.

    In the case of G+, it would eventually become somewhat required, despite’s assurances that you’d never need a G+ profile to, say, respond to comments on your own videos at

    Thank hell that never became a problem….

    In my case, the problem wasn’t whether I wanted to use G+ for anything; I was okay with it, and I found out about it in advance when invited me to use it in beta.

    That’s kinda important. Le’me offset that a bit: invited me to use while it was still in beta

    They knew who and what I was; and, apparently, they wanted me there.

    Everything was fine for a while, if a little boring.

    The other seventeen people were really thrilled to sit there, doing nothing.

    But, those who started filing in, once G+ was open to the public, liked it.

    Just for CraigyFerg: the population of Reykjavik, according to the 2010 Census, is 202,341.

    Really, really liked it. was mostly good for uploading animgifs about letting you upload animgifs.

    Then, got thinky. They decided that my name—Gremlin—wasn’t real.

    Their evidence that it wasn’t real? They didn’t think it was.

    Their means of determining that it was real? Having me prove it. By affirming that my name is Gremlin, and linking to something showing that to be the case.

    So I linked to this site. That wasn’t good enough.

    I linked to the body of work I’ve published as Gremlin; that, according to the laws governing me, creates a legal name even if it wasn’t already a legal name. That wasn’t good enough.

    I wrote a book, and linked them to it:

    They proved too illiterate to read it.

    So, here we are, three years later; they’re still denying that my legal name could be my legal name.

    Actually, it’s been a little more than three years. After only three years, this happened:

    The scaffolding implies either that they’re rebuilding, or that they never finished getting it working in the first place.

    Which tells us two things. First, I shouldn’t be seeing this on 13th September 2014, when I got the screenshot:

    Translation: we’re lying again.

    Second, now are getting uppity too.

    From the comments on that link:


    That’s not directly about me: I’m not a dragqueen [I'm already six and a half feet tall; I don't need heels]. But’s policy has already affected me once: in the middle of the mess with Goop in 2011, suspended my account over my name; the timing implied that, while proving unable to read a book about themselves, had gone over there to tell on me. But, getting unsuspended was easy enough: I went in and changed my name from Gremlin DotNet to Gremlin Net. Apparently, all the system cared about was whether I had a fakelooking name, like DeLorean* or something.

    *In fact, DeLorean was a fake name; JZD modded it from John Zachary Delorean to make it look more Irish.

    But, now, I’m starting to wonder whether this is gonna be a problem again. Really: still; but larger than before. Who knows.

    If so, they’ll probably hit me with the same whimper: that my name can’t be Gremlin unless I prove it somehow.

    There’s no practical limit to the number of books I can write.

    Incidentally, I went back to Goop and thumped the little link to remind them that they’re morons. This time, when they wanted a URL proving that I am who I say I am, I linked to the article from July at So, that being shorter, we’ll see if they can get someone to read them that.

    I’m inclined to doubt it.

    Today’s webcomic, also about the news:

    More later….

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