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    El and Morti

    Friday 14th April 2017

    I’ve been putting off writing a What’s New for a few months, because I didn’t really have a lot of good news here. There was some bad news; but, if you saw the last entry, you can probably guess what that was.

    Zombi the Cat died at 2.58pm on 31st January 2017. After she started to act slightly sick on 25th December 2016, her condition worsened profoundly over the next five weeks until she was unable to eat or drink, blind in one eye, barely able to see through the other, and only kept out of pain by enough drugs to prevent her from understanding that she was awake. So we took her in and overdosed her.

    Then, that leads directly into what was probably about the worst thing that could ever have happened. Because Zombi wasn’t precisely just a cat; she was something of a service animal, before that was really a thing, helping Hunter to cope with the world as a disabled vet from 2003 to 2017. So, while taking Zombi in to the vet one last time was nearly impossible, she talked herself into it by planning toward doing something memorial with Zombi’s ashes.

    And then someone misread a form somewhere, and the vet threw Zombi into a communal cremation for animals no one cared about.

    So, for the last two and a half months, there hasn’t been a lot of good news here.

    Maybe a couple of highpoints, here and there. Like the time, a month ago, when I saw that the DDFL had managed to get in a pair of black kittens—twins—similar in appearance to Zombi, but different enough to be something new. Of course, having found them on their website, I got Hunter into the car and over to the PetCo satellite just in time to watch someone else walk out the door with them. But, since we were there, Hunter was able to play with the old, sick, moribund adult cats that remained. We didn’t get any of those, because Hunter’s not gonna be anywhere near being able to handle another cat dying before about 2031; but having a big friendly purring cat back in her lap wasn’t terrible.

    Then, yesterday—Wednesday night, really—I looked at the site and saw a new pair of black female twins.

    For the last five years or so, I’d been thinking about getting a new kitten for Zombi to train, planning ahead to when she was likely to run into problems—probably about five years from now. But it never quite worked out, and the problem got moved up to the end of 2016. But, having had a lot of cats personally, I know that they’re usually happier and more responsive to everything in pairs. And especially if they’re related. So, I waited until I didn’t trust waiting anymore, woke Hunter up, got her into the car, and hurried [read: averaged twenty miles per hour on the freeway while half of Denver slowed to get selfies of themselves against a backdrop of nothing important every time someone got pulled over for driving while taking selfies] twenty miles over to Glendale—in fact, to the carpark also containing the JestBuy which took 2,475 hours to defraud me on a laptop back in 2004—and into the PetCo there to…find them closed.

    Not PetCo. Just the DDFL extension in the back. Cage rolled shut. No one around. So: perfect.

    Back to the front, where I found a guy who’d just finished clocking in and had no idea where the DDFL had gone. Because they should have been there. And yet weren’t. For it was a mystery.

    But a boring mystery. Went back to the cage and just waited a couple minutes until someone old enough to remember when cats had been invented returned from wherever and rolled the cage open for us. We actually never saw her again; my assumption is that she was quickly tossed into a communal cremation somewhere.

    But, now, we were in. And we located the twins we’d come here to see. Of which there’s now kinda no record because it didn’t occur to me until I’d got back home and reloaded to see whether they were off the list that, prior to reloading it, I coulda got a screenshot. But that’s okay: it’s just something I’d have thumped in here now if I had it to thump.

    Instead, I’ve got video of our initial contact:

    If you can’t work it out from all the context [or if you’re on a phone with the sound turned off because you’re not selfimportant enough to bug a whole restaurant with that thing you’re watching while waiting for your cheeseburger], the one across the room on my trenchcoat was listed officially as Morticia; the one sitting on my lap was Elvira. Because someone had a cat that had a number of kittens, who all got names, and then turned out to be too many cats; so the DDFL wound up with a couple of them and stashed them behind a rollcage in a PetCo.

    And then we played with them for about half an hour. And then the obvious happened:

    Even before we went out to the little desk to go through all the paperwork, I’d started referring to Morticia as Morti. And, because there were two of them, and two of us, and Morti was more interested in never letting go of me, I started thinking of Elvira as Hunter’s Cat.

    That lasted for about an hour after we got home with them. Where getting home with them was its own adventure. Because it was seventy-five out, and therefore ninety-five in Hunter’s Jeep, and her Jeep apparently decided that airconditioning was too much to ask for over the winter, and we couldn’t have the windows down with cats in the car, and the cats were in separate boxes and screeching about that, so Hunter let them out to roam around.

    This was as calm as they ever got

    But, we managed to make it back here without hitting any selforrists on the roads; got them inside and let them keep roaming around to figure out where they lived now.

    Morti quickly found her way up to the window Zombi never quite learned to stop climbing onto my desk to reach

    El almost stopped moving for a second on my synth

    Then, things got awkward for a few minutes….

    Hunter took less than an hour to decide that the cats hated her

    But, slowly…

    …once Hunter calmed down…

    …and stopped trying so hard…

    …she got a couple of cats.

    Then, setting her alarm for seven in the morning because we’ve got people to deal with today [probably a story for another time], she managed to sleep until about three before the cats decided she was wrong about that.

    Hunter has cats again.

    Meanwhile, I managed to sleep until about five. Because the cats were just laying peacefully on my legs all night:

    Not that El isn’t already plotting to do something crashy at her first opportunity….

    Then I woke up, came down to my office here, and instantly had a cat:

    So, that’s all kinda working out. Particularly now that I’ve closed the door to my office. Because neither of these guys is big enough—yet—to reach up and work the doorknob, like Zombi used to do. Instead, they’re probably up in the bedroom competing for facebonks with Hunter.

    I suppose that’s a good thing, overall.

    Here’s tomorrow’s webcomic, since it’s relevant to the topic….

    More later….

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