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    Pipeline Benefit Agreement

    Tuesday 15th December 2020

    Mutual benefit agreements (MbAs) and similar trade agreements are confidential between the signatory states and define a voluntary and mutually beneficial long-term relationship between the project and a certain indigenous community. Benefits may include pipeline training and workplace training, skills improvements, business opportunities or improvements to local services and infrastructure. These agreements are with Aboriginal communities that are located directly on the project and sea corridor between Alberta and Vancouver Island or that could be affected. Merle Alexander, a lawyer who works in the field of First Nations economic development, says she saw that this type of provision was put into performance contracts to Aboriginal communities. Available First Nations data on the route show employment rates lower than all British Columbia – and lower than those identified as disconnected Aboriginals in the 2016 Census.3 In addition, most First Nations who signed a performance agreement with Coastal GasLink have lower employment rates than the average for all BC Nation reserves (42.7 per cent). Coastal GasLink agreements (and other future resource projects) have the potential to generate revenue for municipalities where existing tax revenues are limited from their own sources. Similarly, direct work on pipelines or other resource projects, including the future spin-off environment, has the potential to increase employment rates and reduce the unemployment rate. The 20 project agreements signed reflect the fact that many First Nations support responsible development and growth that translates into real opportunities. Both promote inheritance. The TLU study reports are a summary of people`s use of the country, so that we can ensure that we understand the culture and the country and that we strive. The project agreements describe the benefits and obligations that are granted to these communities as long as the pipeline is in service. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the pipeline as “the largest private sector investment project in Canadian history,” and Prime Minister John Horgan says it could “end systemic poverty as a result of a $40 billion private sector investment.” Engagement is transparent, open and ongoing dialogue to identify and discuss issues and concerns. The LTUs are an important part of developing our relationship with a First Nations community.

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