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    Svalbard Agreement

    Monday 12th April 2021

    An additional treaty or perhaps a judgment of the International Court of Justice in The Hague could clarify this situation, but Norway`s position is that the existing treaty is clear and there is no need to continue negotiations or agreements. The Commissioner`s emoluments are agreed between the Danish government and the other governments concerned. The Commissioner will determine the remuneration of the assistants, as he deems necessary. Several attempts were made to find a solution, but it was only after the Versailles negotiations, at the end of the First World War, that an agreement was reached on the Treaty of Svalbard, signed on 9 February 1920. The Svalbard is one of the few parts of the agreements reached at Versailles that are still of practical importance. Norway`s Svalbard policy has always been aimed at respecting the treaty and ensuring that it is respected in order to bring peace and stability to the region. The treaty has undoubtedly contributed to making this a success. The treaty governs research, but provides that these rules are defined in a separate agreement. Such an agreement has not yet been drawn up. In the practice and spirit of the Svalbard Treaty, researchers in all countries enjoy the same research rights. In recent years, important international research activities have developed in Svalbard.

    But — there has been criticism. Today, the only aspect on which most governments do not agree with Norway is the situation with regard to territorial waters. In Norway, within the coordinates that define contractual territory, only territorial waters are regulated by the treaty provisions, i.e. the 12-mile zone (four miles until 2004, and then the area has been redefined). According to Norway, waters outside the 12-mile zone, but within the exclusive economic zone (200 miles), are exactly what is an exclusive economic zone where Norway can limit third-party tariffs. It is not surprising that other governments and their corporate citizens interested in fishing, oil and gas do not necessarily agree. Among the governments that expressed your differences were Latvia, which is currently the last country to enter Svalbard on 13 June 2016 (a few months after North Korea), and Russia. Applications that are not communicated to the Member of the Commission in accordance with paragraph 1, paragraph 1, or which have not been recognised by the Member of the Commission and which are not submitted to the Tribunal in accordance with paragraph 2, are permanently extinguished. Those who, after disclosing their full power, have found their full power in good standing have agreed as follows: a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said at a press conference on Thursday that Norway had “virtually violated the treaty” in recent years and had damaged bilateral relations after Oslo`s rejection.

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