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    Collateral Agreement Traduccion

    Tuesday 14th September 2021

    One comment: “Collateral” has a different, widespread design, in addition to the guarantee in case of non-compliance. In the case of financial derivatives, this is the basic asset on which the “derivatives” transaction is instrumented. The most common translation in this case is “the underlying asset”. They are loosely linked, because derivatives and financial futures have emerged as a mechanism for hedging risks, but the legal meaning is the opposite: in one, it is the guarantee in case of non-compliance, in the other part of the execution of the contract. The concept of security appears very often in financial documents relating to goods or assets supplied with clothing (pledged) or as security for the payment of a debt. Collateral is therefore used to determine an additional guarantee to fulfil a main obligation that can be fulfilled in the event of non-compliance, but also for goods provided as security/collateral. While collateral is the preferred term in the US, in the UK, the word security is usually used to refer to the same additional assets or guarantees. There is no semantic difference between the two terms, but the former is most used in the US and the latter in the UK. property that is pleaded as security against the debt; Property that is a security issue (see Security Interest). With a Castilian anglicism, we appreciate an analysis of these nuances.

    As for their translation, both can be translated into a guarantee or an actual guarantee if one wants to emphasize that it is a garment on goods. . . .

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