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    Framework Agreement On Part Time Work

    Monday 20th September 2021

    The refusal of a worker to spend full-time part-time or vice versa is not a valid reason for dismissal. Directive 97/81/EC – Framework Agreement on Part-Time Work concluded by UNICE, CEEP and ETUC (trade unions) This agreement covers the conditions of employment of part-time workers, while recognising that legal social security issues are a matter for the legislation of the Member States. As regards the principle of non-discrimination, the Parties to this Agreement have taken note of the Declaration on Employment of the Dublin European Council of December 1996, in which the Council stressed, inter alia, the need to make social security systems more employment-friendly by developing `social protection systems capable of adapting to new ways of working and making people more accessible, who carry out such work, to offer adequate protection”. The Parties to this Agreement consider that this declaration should have effect. (9) On 6 June 1997, the abovementioned interbranch organisations concluded a framework agreement on part-time work. They have forwarded to the Commission their joint request for the application of this Framework Agreement by a Council Decision, on a proposal from the Commission, in accordance with Article 4(2) of that Agreement. HAVING REGARD TO the Agreement on social policy annexed to the Protocol (No 14) on social policy annexed to the Treaty establishing the European Community, and in particular Article 4(2)(5) theref, and called for measures to increase employment and the intensity of growth, including through a more flexible organisation of work, which meets both the wishes of workers and the demands of competition; 6. The Signatory Parties shall review this Agreement five years after the date of the Council decision, upon request by one of the Parties to this Agreement. 45h Member States may, at their joint request, entrust management and labour with the implementation of this Directive, provided that Member States take all necessary measures to ensure that they can at all times ensure the results required by this Directive. If there is no comparable full-time worker in the same undertaking, the comparison shall be made by reference to the applicable collective agreement or, in the absence of an applicable collective agreement, in accordance with national law, collective agreements or chips.

    (d) measures to facilitate access to part-time work at all levels of the undertaking, including expert and managerial positions, and, where appropriate, to facilitate access to vocational training for part-time workers, in order to improve career prospects and professional mobility; 1. This Agreement shall apply to part-time workers who have a contract of employment or an employment relationship within the meaning of the laws, collective agreements or workers in force in the various Member States. Part-time workers have the same active and passive collective rights as full-time workers. .

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