What Agreement Do Gawain And The Lord Of The Castle Make

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The 2,530 lines and 101 stanzas that make up Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are written in what linguists call the typical “allitative renaissance” style of the 14th century. Rather than focusing on a number of metric syllables and a rhyme, the allitative form of this period was generally based on the consent of a pair of stressed syllables at the beginning of the line and another pair at the end. Each line always contains a pause, called a break, at one point after the first two tensions, which it divides into two half-lines. Although he largely followed the form of his time, Gawain`s poet was somewhat freer with conventions than his predecessors. The poet broke the alliterative lines into variable group lengths and ended these nominal stanzas with a five-line rhyming section, known as Bob and Wheel, in which the “Bob” is a very short line, sometimes only two syllables, followed by the “wheel,” longer lines with an internal rhyme. [2] The next day, Gawain fastened the belt twice around his waist. He finds the Green Knight sharpening an axe, and as promised, Gawain bends his bare neck to receive his blow. At first momentum, Gawain flies easily and the Green Knight insults him for it. When Gawain is ashamed, he doesn`t flinch with the second impulse. But once again, the Green Knight retains the full power of his shot. The knight says he tested Gawain`s nerves.

Infuriated, Gawain tells him to deliver his blow, and that`s what the knight does, which only makes a slight wound to Gawain`s neck. The game`s over. Gawain grabs his sword, helmet and shield, but the Laughing Green Knight turns out to be the Lord of the Castle, Bertilak de Hautdesert, transformed by magic. He explains that the whole adventure was a ruse of the “old lady” who saw Gawain at the castle, who is actually the witch Morgan the Fay, Arthur`s sister who wanted to test Arthur`s knight and scare Guinevere. [5] The Nick Gawain suffered during the third stroke was about his attempt to conceal the gift of the scumbag. Gawain is ashamed of his deceptive conduct, but the Green Knight laughs and confesses him as the most impeccable knight in the country. Both parties on cordial terms. Gawain returns to Camelot with his embrace to keep his promise.

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