Cab Service Agreement

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Once you select “Accept and Transmit Agreement” (see registration page for detailed wording) and have completed the registration process or used the service in any form, you are expected to be able to read and accept the restrictions of the agreement and the above rules. In the event of a breach of the Agreement, AmerTac has the right to unilaterally restrict, suspend or terminate your service and has the right to investigate your relevant liabilities. 9.4 The Licensed Software is downloaded from the Download Platform and you must comply with the rules of the Download Platform, System Platform and Terminal Manufacturing regarding the applications and limitations of the Licensed Software. If you object to such relevant changes, discontinue use of AmerTac`s service; If you continue to use it, it is considered that you have no objections to the modified rules and that you agree to abide by them. 9.3 In the event of a breach of the agreement or other agreements signed with AmerTac, you have the right to inform the related companies and require them to take restrictive measures against your rights and interests, including the obligation for related companies to suspend or terminate the provision of full or entire services to you, and to put an end to your failure on websites, which they operate or are effectively controlled, to disclose them legally. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and any warranty given by any of the Parties prior to the signing of this Agreement shall not be taken into consideration. Amendments to this agreement are subject to the written agreement of the counsellor and the college. 4.2 The product contains certain information and services provided by the third party. AmerTac does not control and is not responsible for the information and services provided by the third party. 8.1 Unless otherwise stated in laws and regulations, AmerTac will do its best to ensure the security, validity, accuracy and reliability of the licensed software and technologies and information, but AmerTac cannot guarantee this today due to the constraints imposed by available technologies. 8.2 You understand that AmerTac assumes no liability for direct or indirect losses caused by force majeure and delay of a third party. .

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