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In search of a solution to a separation agreement, you have probably read or heard contradictory and confusing information about writing separation agreements. You may be wondering what makes a separation agreement legal or how to get a separation agreement without a lawyer. The separation agreement with soft Landing Settlement Method helps you enforce child assistance policies in order to obtain adequate child support. It also deals with other components of child assistance, such as special (extraordinary) and extracurricular expenses for children. Home marriage to spouse 31. MATRIMONIAL DOMICILE (1) The husband and wife keep in a joint rental agreement the conjugal dwelling known as____________ (address of the dwelling) which is a matrimonial dwelling within the meaning of the Family Law Act. The husband thus transfers to the wife all his rights, title and interest in property and, at the same time as the performance of this contract, makes a transfer from the marital home, the costs of which are paid by the wife. 2. The wife shall pay all insurance premiums, mortgage payments, taxes and other expenses related to the matrimonial dwelling and release the husband from any liability related to the matrimonial home. 3. As long as the husband and wife are spouses, the wife shall ensure that the matrimonial domicile remains her principal residence within the meaning of the Income Tax Act and designates, where appropriate, the matrimonial home. If the wife changes the use of the matrimonial apartment or if she is not a principal resident, so that the husband becomes taxable or punishable under the Income Tax Act, the wife will compensate the husband for the tax debt and punishment.

The wife shall immediately inform the husband of any change in the use of the marital home. 4. The husband, as transferor of his share in the matrimonial dwelling, guarantees that he is not taxable for any calendar year preceding the date of this contract and that he has paid all the taxes due for those calendar years and all the instalments due during the current year. If the wife becomes liable as an assignee or if the matrimonial home is debited from the payment of a tax or penalty for which the husband is responsible as a transferor under the Income Tax Act, he will exempt her from any liability. (5) Husband and wife undertake to comply with Article 74(5) para. 3 of the Income Tax Act, together with its tax returns for the year of performance of this contract (19), to make and submit a joint choice, in a form which may be submitted in accordance with Annex `B` to this Agreement, in order not to apply the provisions of the Income Tax Act relating to the allocation of taxable capital of the Income Act in accordance with paragraph 74, paragraph 2, of the Income Tax Act to the provisions relating to the existence of property of both the husband and income tax. of the wife of and after the performance of this contract. .

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