Monday 5th February 2024's been another couple weeks since I wrote anything here. But I suppose I sorta have news—at least, in relation to the last couple of entries.

Which is to say that they didn't text me until I was already down there.

Apparently, in retrospect, they actually called a week ago. From a number I didn't have saved as LensCrafters. And possibly from Scam Likely. Whatever it was, I missed it beneath all the other ScamLikelies I've been getting since about the time I gave LensCrafters my number.
But: whatever. They called and left a message I didn't get around to noticing amidst the RobotLikelies that unaccountably leave the last half of whatever prerecorded attentionwhoring after the beep. And the message, that I got on Saturday sometime after dark, was that I could just wander in anytime between eleven and four on NotSunday to hand over my RayBans and then go wander around in the sun outside for an hour since it still takes them an hour to operate the little screws for thirty seconds even after taking five weeks to make the lenses wherever the people smart enough to make lenses are kept.
So, that's what I did: drove down to the mall that looks nothing like a mall and looks nearly exactly like if Raccoon City were plagued by Teslas and Porsche Taycans—there's even a clocktower—and handed over my 2010 RayBans before putting on my 1991 Gargoyles to survive a saunter down Main Street to Zumiez and whatever.

Also pictured is my 2024 Mountain Everest Max Keyboard which I don't hate and have therefore never mentioned before.

So, that's where we are on that: what used to take About an Hour took around 768 hours and ended in something relatively uneventful; I've got new polarised lenses in my RayBans, updated by half a decade to match my minimally increased myopia. Which, to give you an idea how little that really matters, meant walking around for an hour with mere Gargoyles on which do nothing to correct my vision and which didn't make anything really any harder to see. So, really, what I did was got new lenses to replace the ones that had got scratched up a bit in the last few years.
Otherwise, there's not a lot more to mention at the moment. As always, I'm working on some number of things that, if any of them is ever actually finished, I could eventually talk about. Mostly I'm just sitting here looking at this thing on the other screen and noticing that there's apparently a Luden's CoughDrop between an XBox Controller Transceiver and a pack of DryErase Markers behind my keyboard that I didn't know about.
But I got my shades updated for five hundred bucks or whatever. Which I could probably do cheaper and faster and closer to the house next time by taking them anywhere the hell else.
Have a webcomic:

More later....


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