Pinehouse Collaboration Agreement

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“Northerners make up a large part of our people and northern businesses provide the services that run our business. Cameco and northern communities share a common interest in the continued success and growth of uranium mining in Saskatchewan, and this agreement reflects this. The village, Kineepik Metis and Cameco, within 30 days of the agreement`s entry into force, will form a joint execution committee consisting of two representatives from Cameco, the village and the physiotherapist and will meet at least twice a year. Areva may choose to participate in the Joint Enforcement Committee and has the right to appoint two representatives. The Joint Implementation Committee will allow parties (i) to review operational issues; (ii) supervise and monitor the implementation of the agreement; (iii) cooperate to reach consensus on the issues relating to the agreement; (iv) to make recommendations to high-level representatives; and (v) other treaty obligations, but have no decision-making power. Cameco will cover the reasonable costs associated with participating the village and the Metis physiotherapist on the Joint Performance Committee if these fees are included in an agreed budget approved in advance by Cameco. If Areva decides to participate in the Joint Implementation Committee, Areva will contribute its proportionate share of these costs as long as Areva approves the budget before these costs have been incurred (Article 4.1). Cameco will pay a fee of $250 per meeting to members of the joint performance committee. Once a year, Cameco pays the fees actually charged up to US$2000 for a village member or physiotherapist Metis of the joint committee participating in a continuing education initiative for professional development (Schedule F, art. 25, 28). Senior village officials Kineepik Metis, Cameco and Areva are to meet at least once a year to verify progress in implementing the agreement; (ii) review all important recommendations of the Joint Enforcement Committee; (iii) other issues related to the agreement (Article 4.2). A joint subcommittee on implementation will be established.

Members of this subcommittee will have some degree of responsibility and responsibility for environmental management and/or community engagement with their respective organizations (Schedule F, Arts).

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