Term Sharing Agreement Meaning

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Deputy spokesman Neptali Gonzales II could not recall an agreement on the division of the mandate of the House of Representatives in the history of the House of Representatives, but he remembered a common use of the chairs of the committees and the seats of the nominating committee. As part of the mandate-sharing agreement, Cayetano will remain in office for 15 months and will be accompanied by Velasco for the remaining months of the 18th Philippine Congress. The reason for not respecting the agreement on the sharing of terms is the most common excuse for everything else in 2020 – COVID-19. Last Tuesday, when the details of the Malacaang meeting were disclosed, it became clear that it was primarily a question of who should be the spokesperson and “what” would give it. The lowest point was to be who was to be the spokesperson on his birthday. Bypassing these three- and six-year deadlines is what is now commonly referred to as a sharing agreement. This has always been done in the history of Philippine politics, albeit in an informal form, hence the gentleman`s Agreement, or “palabra of honor”. This became increasingly common when the party list system was introduced into the 1987 Constitution, where the nominees alternately show up to find out who will be the recognized member of Congress – one of the many enabouts introduced by the party list system, although it can be argued (including me) that the party list system itself is a fluke and calls for revision. “The distribution of the terms claimed by the Suarez camp is unfounded and non-existent. The agreement was limited to a division of the mandate of the spokesperson if I had won as a Laca-kampi candidate at the time.

Mr Suarez proposed the sharing agreement as a condition of revocation of his candidacy for my position as spokesperson for the Lakas Kampi group at the time. Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez, so far the oldest spokesman under President Duterte`s government with 24 months, said it correctly last year. According to Alvarez, the term “Sharing Agreement” is a violation of public order because it focuses on political figures and not on the Filipino people. He predicted that this would be a problem, as there would of course be calls not to follow the term “Sharing Agreement”.

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