Atom Bank Agreement In Principle

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Hello, we are digital mortgages. We are part of atom bank, which was only created for intermediaries, and atom bank is the first bank in Britain to have been built exclusively for mobile devices. Atom Bank is a bank of challengers launched publicly in 2016. Because it primarily offers mobile and online banking, its mortgages are referred to as “digital mortgages.” No action required Atom Bank Digital Mortgages have done it for you Atom Bank Founded in the North East of England, atom bank is the first exclusive mobile bank. As such, their mortgage customers manage everything from one app, from accepting a mortgage offer to viewing bank statements. Existing customers reach atom on 0333 399 0050, via or via the app. For customers, the credit check leaves only a soft imprint in their credit history for a policy decision and they use our small, refined app to track their mortgage journey. Consumers who have been recommended a nuclear mortgage through them are then downloaded from the bank`s app, which is available for free on Apple and Google Play Stores. The app allows customers to track their decision in principle and the progress of the app, store and share important mortgage documents, and electronically accept Atom`s mortgage offer. The bank, which hopes to position itself as a consumer challenger, will first distribute its products through Legal & General`s key account companies, alongside the LSL Pink and First Complete networks. The site with all the products and criteria went live this week with an SVR of 3.75%. Atomic offer rates for purchase and remortgage library start at 1.19% to 60% loan to value (LTV) for a two-year solution with a fee of £900 or 1.63% for a free deal for home purchase.

On the remortotheques side, the Bank offers a five-year solution between 2.89% and 90% of LTV, with the same tax of £900. Mark Mullen, CEO of Atom, added: “The old legacy processes, institutionalised in traditional banks, simply do not exist at Atom because we rebuilt this bank from the ground up. We can offer mortgages that have good value for money and a service that is fast, informative and transparent. If the broker can offer an exceptional experience to his client, he has a satisfied client and more time to set up his own business. “We have taken a big step away from traditional banks. We`ve created a seamless and inexpensive way to track and use a mortgage with our Atom Bank client app…

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