State Of South Carolina Residential Rental Agreement

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Leases in South Carolina are real estate contracts used for the purposes of a lessor to allow the rental of the property by a natural or legal person. All documents must be drawn up in accordance with the national laws of the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (Title 27, Chapter 40). Once an agreement has been signed by both parties, they are legally bound by their terms as a whole. As long as a state meets the legal minimum of the Confederation, it is free to distinguish itself from certain requirements. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the specific laws and requirements of South Carolina to ensure that your legal and financial rights are fully protected. Rental Application (Form 460) – A tool used for landlords to verify the credibility of a potential tenant before approving a lease. The following model lease agreement describes a contract between “owner” Andy Cohn and “tenant” Tim Curtis. Due to the official nature of the document, the parties should read the document carefully before signing, as it can be exceptionally difficult to change the contract after a tenant arrives. An important reference to the SC Act is that owners cannot enter a property unless they have been completed twenty-four (24) hours in advance and entry is made at a reasonable time. Termination of a lease in a stable lease is not necessary, as the lease agreement expires in accordance with South Carolina`s lease laws, but 60 days` notice is recommended. Rental agreement with purchase option agreement – standard housing document with the added language that gives the tenant the right to buy the property. .

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