Monday 4th December 2023

Just about exactly twenty years ago now, having become a little tired of typing updates into whatever basic texteditor, I gave in and tried out the Twenty-first Century: installing and trying to use a Content Management System—specifically WordPress—to simplify the process of writing a basic What's New whenever I got the impulse to do that.
That was toward the beginning of the summer of 2004.

So I'm still waiting for this idiot to be not lying....

It was annoying—the CMS: it took all this extra backend dickery to write anything new into the site; there was WYSIWYG DraggyDroppy stuff that, easy as it sounded, was always something of a hassle. The biggest benefit to using a CMS, for me, was relegating the shell of the site—logos and whatever—to separate files treated as inclusions by the database...something I can make work herein by having a simple index.html ready to go as a template and just replacing the various paragraphs formatted to whatever specifications [there are about three different types I'd ever use] and then maybe remembering to copy the existing file and renaming it as something more archival when I upload the new one.
The whole rest of the process is just typing this into WordPad, at the moment; though I might switch over to NotePad++ at some point, since it gives me a few macro option things to play with.
Also because, every damned time I copypaste something into WordPad, it pops up this noisy alert to remind me that I'm typing this into a textfile and I probably want some sorta stupid .rtf thing because what are the odds that I'm not a common moron....
Speaking of common morons: the problem, after a couple decades, and far too often during the couple decades, is that WordPress, being about the best CMS money can avoid having to buy [it's free, and cheap at twice the price], has all these offsite inclusionary things that tend to get updated about an hour after scriptkiddies have discovered a way to sneak into the database through's end and add whatever malware bits to arrest a given website. It's not just me: I actually saw get the same scripting added to their site back in August; I'd assume they might have someone keeping closer an eye on things than I tend to do.
The rest of the story on that point is that I just got rid of whatever index.php was allowing the CMS to have any effect on the frontend, and replaced it with this simple index.html; so...script your way into half a kilobyte of ASCII at your own overestimation of your abilities, you crazy kids.
In other news—since it's not too large a burden to mention it if I don't need to go into a CMS and try to convince a database that I know what the hell I'm doing, I wrote a book last month. NaNoWriMo again. A little over a hundred thousand words in thirty days. It's just this thing I tend to do. So, once I'm done making sure I like how my website looks in the absence of thirdparty incompetence, I'll make sure the book's all formatted as well as it can be and put some thought into releasing the result. So, watch for that, I guess.
Otherwise, I haven't got a lot to add to this at the moment; when I do, I'll rename this to old[whatever].html and write a new index.html into a .txt bulging at the moment up to four and a half kilobytes.
Perhaps the server can handle that.
Have a webcomic:

More later....


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