Wednesday 21st February 2024

Made it nearly three weeks before someone put a concentrated effort into convincing me that the human animal is fundamentally a practical joke designed to make me sigh more.
That, of course, isn't really true: there was something else, starting about a week ago, assuring me of roughly the same thing; but we can talk more about that in a minute....
First, I just tried to post something onto a site encouraging me to post something, having long ago abandoned its true purpose of running MafiaWars for people:

Ignore the Graeme Lynne thing: that's just a name believes because it's advertiserfriendlier than Gremlin...the bigots.

If you want to see what I was posting, it was really just this:

If you're thinking that the video in question looks pretty harmless, then you may in fact be even smarter than a large percentage of the Vegetable Kingdom; if you don't, then you may be

I have no idea what is, or who thought it was ever the topic.

I'm sure that's okay, since mistakes can happen; there's even a handy link toward the bottom of that through which I can castigate stupid people for attempting to think....

Oh right: hearing that you're wrong is scary when you're stupid.

So, there: we're all caught up and you know what I know: that incompetent morons are terrified of things no one ever threw at them.
Which is really about the end of the whole complaint. But, since the complaint was evidently the only way I could ever post what functioning bipeds would grok was harmless, here we are.
There was the other thing, which was both bigger a deal for me and also less important to talk much about. Which, for whatever it says about, wasn't scary enough to try censoring at the time....

It's okay if you think this one's scary: here at, we don't judge you for your mental illness.

If you're wondering what the hell that's all about: so was I, for about a week.
Because, about a week ago, I got an automated EMail helpfully reminding me that one of my domains was up for annual renewal. Mostly because it's been registered at the same place for a couple decades now, and I've never to date bothered transferring its registry to anything capable of renewing things without my direct involvement. Meaning that I've got about a hundred domains renewing annually, one way or another, and about nine percent of them are still lurking in the old and outdated system because going in and directly telling the old and outdated system to renew the domain is somehow lazier than doing anything to move on from the year 2002.
Until now.
Because, now, I've got an automated EMail with a link to hop into the old and outdated system, wherein I can directly authorise the renewal of this domain.
Which I do. Until it doesn't work.
Everything about it looks like it should work; but then, every time I filled in the entire damned form and made sure I wasn't wrong about anything, I hit Submit and watched the little thingy spin for thirty seconds and got told that my EMail Address—the one I've been using for this since about 1998—was invalid.
I'd throw up a screenshot of that, but I don't have one; and, still being lazy, I don't really wanna troll in and instigate it yet the hell again.
What I do have a screenshot of is something Hunter found for me, which was this:

It seems to be Temporarily Closed in much the way that WalMart are no longer open overnight because there's a pandemic.

So that led to looking up how to handle a domain being marginally controlled by a defunct registrar, and eventually getting a phone number to call a guy who could go in and get me an AuthCode allowing me to reclaim this thing and move it to more extant a company with a matter of hours to spare. Which of course leads to instant hilarity:

It's essentially just an electronic death rattle.

So, again: you know what I know: that there's a lot of incompetence out there, and/or that videos about the Nineties are highly scary.
Have a webcomic:

More later....


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