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As something of a warning, I haven’t really got a lot to mention at the moment. Except that I happened to notice what day it is, despite time having no meaning under the best of circumstances and also there’s this pandemic.

It’s January the Twenty-fifth.

And that means that, ignoring the coding I’d started doing three weeks earlier, and changes to the domain a few months later, it was twenty-five years ago today that I pulled the proverbial trigger and went live with this site.

Twenty-five years.

I remember, back then, when this was all farmland, as far as the eye could see….

Actually, that’s not even much of a joke. At the time, I was living on the other side of town—really pretty much downtown, in a house I wasn’t thrilled with just south of Colfax. It was walking distance from everything Denver really has to offer: tall buildings and some diners and getting mugged and Union Station and I wasn’t real impressed. Especially given what rent cost. At the time. Which was then. I think it’s more now.


I’ve since moved out into the suburbs here, which were in 1997 at the edge of town and a few metres from actual meadows and things, into a better house, where the only thing preventing me from OneWheeling around out there in the middle of the night is the six inches of snow we’ve got thus far today.

That just looks unreasonable.

Otherwise, it’s fine.

And of course the site’s bigger now, too. I don’t have any screenshots or anything of how it looked back in 1997—at least, not where I can really get to them right now. Back then, I was mostly uploading things from an Amiga4060T; I’ve still got the thing, but it’s kinda not working. Apparently, RAM can get flaky after about thirty years. Literally flaky. Like, bits of metallic coating flaking off. I can fix it; i just haven’t. And therefore whatever remains of the site as it was back then is trapped on JAZ Discs formatted for a computer that was extinct by five years even at the time.

I also uploaded things through a PCMCIA Card from any of a handful of palmtops—which, now that I’ve written that, would be one palmtop per handful. But I used those to go mobile with things in the Nineties, since laptops had the batterylife back then of…laptops now. I recently got a new laptop with an RTX3060 in it; it’s a laptop because it closes up when it’s off—otherwise, it’s got the longevity of a Buffalo Bills lead.

You tell me this now….

But that’s okay: there’s a pandemic. Also, I’m making up for the 15″ screen with a connected 24″ screentablet thing that doesn’t really fit in a backpack. I gave the whole setup a coffeetable to live on.

And…that’s twenty-five years, apparently. Twenty-five years of awaiting that first Star Wars Special Edition and ignoring The Book of Boba Fett because I don’t wanna hear from Disney that, somehow, he returned. Twenty-five years of five different presidents competing for Largest Global Joke. That sorta thing.

And some other stuff. I wrote a book in November. If memory serves. I actually haven’t even opened the file since then; I’ll look at it sometime and decide if I’m okay with releasing it. I might be.

Then there’s this other thing I’m looking into.

Specifically, at the moment, I’m looking into a couple types of software. One’s Blender3.0, since LightWave has reportedly become abandonware [amusingly, the Cinema4D thing I happened to be using for a minute, twenty-five years ago, has gone more industrystandard than that stupid 3DStudio thing you only hear about from people who were forced to buy it at or whatever]; the other’s Unreal5.0, which is leaving Early Access sometime between now and whenever the sun explodes.

I’m looking into them because I’ve got a project in mind. I just need to be sure that I’m comfy with the digital tools the project relies on. Otherwise, I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

But we’ll get to that. Probably. It’s not impossible that I’ll sorta forget about it for a few decades; that’s happened before. But, as of now, I really kinda wanna do it. And there’s not even any laws against it. Probably. To date.

Might do it anyway….

In yet other news…there really mostly isn’t any. I’ve been fairly busy with a lot of stupid, disinteresting, irrelevant things for the last six or eight months; I’m still a little busy with a couple of them, but only inasmuch as I’m waiting for the results of my busy-ness to lead to everything being over with. It all might even wrap up about the time Unreal5 comes out once and for all and everything becomes easier. I’ve got pretty much everything else I need for this thing.

So, yeah: twenty-five years. Presumably the first twenty-five. Why not. It’s not like I’ve got a reason to stop, or anything. Probably. To date.

Anyway: I’ll probably disappear again for a bit; then I might come back in here more often, as I always suppose. I guess we’ll see how it all works out.

Have a webcomic:

Amusingly, my house actually has jumped up by about 250% since I bought in in 2004—largely because someone decriminalised weed here in Denver about a decade ago.

More later….

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